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Q: What if it rains? 

A: Suppose that on the morning of your Scheduled outdoor booking its raining. If the rain is heavy and persistent, we will advise you not to go ahead with your booking. We do not offer refunds for loss of use during the hire due to rain. 

If your booking is outdoors and you need to cancel due to rain under this circumstance, you will be offered to reschedule your booking to a new date, you will also have the opportunity to transfer your booking fee (£20) to other assets. 

If it rains during your booking then move all people off and away from the equipment. Once the rain ceases, simply dry the equipment with a towel so it is not slippery and play can commence.

NOTE: If the weather is forecast rain we will be in contact with you working with you for the best outcome. Its the Great British weather - world famous, so we just work with it!

Q: What about wind speeds ?

The best source of information regarding weather and wind speeds can be found via the met office. This is also the same source of information that the Health and Safety Executive uses. During the week and in the days leading up to your booking we will be monitoring the forecasts and wind speed predictions. We therefore aim to contact any customers who might have bookings affected by the weather and wind as soon as the weather information becomes available (Normally this is a week in advance). This allows our customers a contingency plan should we need to cancel the bouncy castle booking for the affected date.

If winds OR gusts exceed 24mph (38Kmph, or Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) then we WILL cancel the outdoor hire of any bouncy castle and/or inflatable.

In this circumstance, you may change the delivery location and continue with your booking in an indoor venue, or you may wish to reschedule your booking. 

If we are unsure about the wind speeds we will come out onsite and measure wind speeds. 

If you cannot find an alternative indoor venue and changing your booking date is not an option then you may wish to hire soft play, This will remain unaffected by the wind speeds and is also a fantastic means of entertaining the little ones!

If you have concerns for weather related cancellations, then we advise that you book an indoor venue or seek to hire assets which can be hired indoors such as our soft play hire.

During your booking

As mentioned above, the British weather is extremely unpredictable, and no weather forecast can be 100% accurate. For the purposes of safeguarding against inflatable use outdoors in what can suddenly become high winds we now provide a wind speed measurement device (an Anemometer) for all of our outdoor inflatable bookings. You will be provided a simple demonstration that comprehensively covers the use and operation of the Anemometer and a wind speed recording sheet. Your first wind speed measurement will be demonstrated and recorded for you. It is advised that you measure and record wind speeds at 30-minute intervals or if you suspect that the wind speeds might suddenly be increasing. Should the recorded wind speed exceed 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale) / 24mph, you MUST quickly and safely ensure all users remain off the inflatable and the inflatable device must be turned off.

Q: Can the bouncy castle over-inflate or pop during hot weather?

A: No, all our bouncy castles and inflatables comply with British Standards (BS EN 14960). The design of such castles are stitched, which means air is constantly released through the seams, which is why you might feel a light breeze if you were to cover part of the stitches with your hand. The fan blower maintains the air pressure of the castle, thus it will not over-inflate.

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